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Hot Pepper Utopia Hot Sauce



We have very limited quantities of this hot sauce.

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If you’re looking for flavour, followed by a soul-awakening burn, this is it! This 2020 year’s Hot Pepper Utopia Hot Sauce batch is the hottest we have ever made, with the same great flavour. All of our organic peppers in this sauce are grown locally in Ontario and are hotter than any mass produced varieties!

This years list of peppers:

Bhut Jolokia
Scotch Bonnet
Butch T Trini Scorpion
Tasmanian Habanero
Carolina Reaper
Moruga T Scorpion
7 Pot Douglah
Scotch Brain Strain
Ghor Pion
Brazilian Moruga 
CPR Primo Reaper
King Naga
Death Spiral
Chocolate Bhutlah  
Apocalyse Scorpion
BTR Butch T Reaper 
Naga Viper

These peppers have been blended with our signature blend of spices and herbs, the flavour changes slightly with varying levels of heat each year. This is due to the use of different peppers each year, for example some peppers are fruitier in flavour than others and some present a more dry flavour. Please enjoy responsibly!


Warning: Heart patients and those with severe anxiety should refrain from using this product. Patients with GERD should refrain from using this product or consult with a doctor first. 

Hot Sauce & Seasoning

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